Album - OF MY WORD

Image of Album - OF MY WORD


My brand new album, set to release in mid-August 2014.

Including full brand tracks, never before heard tracks and Duets. When you order you will be sent the first mixed and mastered single to your email inbox, and the album will be mailed as soon as its done.

Including these TEN tracks (in no particular order)

Finally, Oh, Finally
Man Of My Word
With a Loving Friend
On The Line (The Laundry Song)
Please Don’t Call
This Stone
Heaven on the Ground
Have to Have a Nightmare
Movin’ On

Performed by Darren Eedens
Mixed and recorded by Sydney Galbraith
Produced by Sydney Galbraith and Darren Eedens
Taz Pavlou - Drums
Matthew Karas - Bass
Shaina Silver-Baird - Vocals
Artwork by Phoebe Todd-Parrish